Wed, Mar 20, 2013
6:45 PM

Beta Yisrael: Ethiopian Jews in the Promised Land

The New Israel Fund’s Atlanta Regional Council
Invites You to a Special Intimate Evening for Friends and Supporters of NIF

Beta Yisrael:  Ethiopian Jews in the Promised Land


·   A private tour of the limited time Oglethorpe University Museum exhibit
·    A premier screening of Neither Here Nor There, a documentary film by Navit Robkin Salzberg
·   A conversation with Navit and Maritu Enyew Tadesse

Photographic exhibit opens at 6:45 pm

Formal program starts promptly at 7:15 pm

There will be light refreshments and an opportunity to view the exhibit after the program ends.

Space is limited. RSVP below.

About the exhibit:
“Beta Israel: Ethiopian Jews and the Promised Land,” is an exhibition that explores the mass migration of Ethiopian Jews into modern Israeli society and the integration difficulties they faced. The exhibition features 100 photographs by South African photojournalist Ilan Ossendryver and is running through April 21, 2013.

About Neither Here Nor There:
This 46-minute documentary explores Ethiopian and Russian immigration to Israel through the eyes of politicians, young adults, and young immigrants. By comparing the two immigration experiences, we notice the differences and similarities of their experiences and how the tensions between the two groups emerge.

About Maritu Enyew Tadesse:
Having escaped Ethiopia in 1983, Maritu came to Atlanta by way of Canada 16 years ago. Her family was left behind, including her father, a 14th generation religious leader.  They left a year later, some to join her and others to Israel.  Her Israeli relatives appear in Neither Here Nor There. Maritu was recently in Israel where she celebrated her Jewish wedding.

As part of its work to promote equality and justice for all Israel’s citizens, the New Israel Fund has a long-standing commitment to supporting the work of Ethiopian Israelis to strengthen and empower their community.  The work of organizations NIF supports includes promoting the acceptance of Ethiopian Jews into Israeli social and religious life; addressing unemployment and housing issues; ensuring equal access to education; providing opportunities for youth-at-risk; and empowering leaders in the community.

Atlanta Regional Council:
Peter Cohen
Heidi Einhorn
Lois Frank
Michal Hillman
Jan Jaben-Eilon
Judy Marx
Charles Miller
David Minkin
Glenda Minkin
AJ Robinson
Shai Robkin (Chair)

Event Location

Oglethorpe University Museum
4484 Peachtree Rd
Atlanta, GA 30319

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