No one will tear the Torah scrolls from our arms – not at the Kotel and not anywhere in the world.

No one will tear the Torah scrolls from our arms – not at the Kotel and not anywhere in the world.

We’ll deliver this pledge to the prime minister to continue fighting for an Israel that respects religious freedom and civil rights. We’ll tell him that the Kotel must be for all Jews – not only the ultra-Orthodox – and we’ll keep going back no matter how many blows we suffer from those who would keep us from praying. And we will go one step further and insist that Israel be a place of equality for all those that live there.

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Mr. Prime Minister:

We, rabbis serving Jewish communities throughout the world, write to express our outrage at the treatment of non-Orthodox Jews.

On the 27th of Cheshvan, ultra-Orthodox protesters and guards who report to the ultra-Orthodox rabbi appointed by the Israeli government to administrate the Kotel attacked a group of Reform Jews, including Reform rabbis, who held tightly to Torah scrolls as they were shoved, punched, and kicked.

We will never allow Torah scrolls to be wrested from our arms. And we will cling tightly to them, at the Kotel and everywhere Jews pray. We will cling tightly to the words in Israel's Declaration of Independence. We support our colleagues who were attacked last week, Women of the Wall who are attacked too frequently, and any other Jew who is prevented from praying at the Kotel according to his or her custom. We pledge to keep coming back to the Kotel no matter how many blows we are dealt.

And beyond the Kotel, we pledge to fight for the rights of all those living in Israel.

We know that this violence did not occur in a vacuum. Rather, it comes in a political context in which the Israeli government refuses to respect its obligations toward the majority of Jews, who are not ultra-Orthodox. This includes the compromise you previously agreed to – and then reneged on – over egalitarian prayer space at the Kotel. It comes in a political context in which government officials frequently disparage Reform Jews, Arabs, human rights defenders, and others who disagree with its policies. And it comes in the context in which violence against Jews who disagree with the ultra-Orthodox rabbinate has become almost routine.

We urge you to take seriously the historic opportunity and sacred responsibility you have to ensure that the rights of all Jews are respected at the Kotel and throughout Israel.

**We request that only rabbis sign this statement.**

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332 2 weeks ago Michael Mellen NY , US
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328 2 weeks ago Amy L. Memis-Foler IL , US
327 2 weeks ago Reba Carmel PA , US
326 2 weeks ago Barbara Penzner MA , US
325 2 weeks ago Keith Stern MA , US
324 2 weeks ago Rabbi Andrea London IL , US
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320 2 weeks ago Michael Feinberg NY , US
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318 2 weeks ago Douglas Alpert MO , US
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314 2 weeks ago Stanley Davids CA , US
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311 2 weeks ago Wayne Franklin RI , US
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