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Email Yuli's Grandma

Do you know who Yuli Novak is?

Yuli Novak

She is the Executive Director of Breaking the Silence – an organization of IDF veterans committed to telling their fellow Israelis about the burden of the occupation. A few days ago, her elderly grandparents Savta Ronit and Saba Moshe were woken up in the middle of the night to a phone call saying, "your granddaughter is a whore."

Why? An Israeli TV station aired a segment falsely accusing Breaking the Silence of collecting state secrets. Prime Minister Netanyahu said that they had "crossed a line." Defense Minister Ya'alon demanded an investigation. The witch-hunt against Breaking the Silence is under way.

Then a hateful activist posted the phone numbers of Breaking the Silence staff members online – and he included Yuli's grandparents. Yuli's grandparents have been harassed at all hours and have heard incredible insults about their beloved granddaughter.

I felt moved to write Yuli's grandparents a letter. I want them to hear from us, the community of people who support Breaking the Silence, and who support Yuli. They should feel so proud of their courageous outspoken granddaughter – who is moved from the true place of patriotism to fight for a better Israel.

Join me in signing on.

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P.S. – Many Israelis are coming together to stand up to the witch hunt underway against Breaking the Silence. Click here for a video of Major General Amiram Levin refuting the accusations and warning the government not to shoot the messenger.