Email Yuli's Grandma

Email Yuli's Grandma

Do you know who Yuli Novak is?

Yuli Novak

She is the Executive Director of Breaking the Silence – an organization of IDF veterans committed to telling their fellow Israelis about the burden of the occupation. A few days ago, her elderly grandparents Savta Ronit and Saba Moshe were woken up in the middle of the night to a phone call saying, "your granddaughter is a whore."

Why? An Israeli TV station aired a segment falsely accusing Breaking the Silence of collecting state secrets. Prime Minister Netanyahu said that they had "crossed a line." Defense Minister Ya'alon demanded an investigation. The witch-hunt against Breaking the Silence is under way.

Then a hateful activist posted the phone numbers of Breaking the Silence staff members online – and he included Yuli's grandparents. Yuli's grandparents have been harassed at all hours and have heard incredible insults about their beloved granddaughter.

I felt moved to write Yuli's grandparents a letter. I want them to hear from us, the community of people who support Breaking the Silence, and who support Yuli. They should feel so proud of their courageous outspoken granddaughter – who is moved from the true place of patriotism to fight for a better Israel.

Join me in signing on.

Dear Savta Ronit and Saba Moshe,

We hear that you are receiving ugly phone calls about your granddaughter Yuli and the organization Breaking the Silence because your phone number was posted online by hateful political activists.

We wanted you to hear our love and support too.

For us, Yuli is a courageous patriot committed to a better future for all Israelis. She and her colleagues at Breaking the Silence pay a heavy price for voicing unpopular views in public. She speaks truth to power. That is becoming a harder and harder role in these last few days.

As supporters of the New Israel Fund, we stand with Breaking the Silence. We stand with your granddaughter.

Thank you.


P.S. Many Israelis are coming together to stand up to the witch hunt underway against Breaking the Silence. Click here for a video of Major General Amiram Levin refuting the accusations and warning the government not to shoot the messenger.