Take Action: Thank Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein


Take Action: Thank Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein

Israel's Attorney General stood up to protect freedom of expression this week. He publicly opposed legislation that sought to prohibit public criticism of the Israeli military. [1]

It was a brave move. The other side was using the pretense of "protecting IDF soldiers" to mask a censorship agenda. Nobody in Israel wants to be seen as failing to stand up for soldiers.

Thank Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein for his courage by sending the letter below.

NIF is committed to defending democracy in Israel. We know that the Israel we love cannot survive if it is not a free and democratic society. That's why we're mobilizing our partners, in Israel and abroad, to stand up in defense of democratic freedoms in Israel.

Many of us had hoped that this sort of legislation wouldn’t stand a chance in the Knesset elected this winter. But anti-democratic legislators still hold a lot of power. Ensconced within Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's own party, they have real influence over the governing coalition, and, by extension, the entire parliament.

Today, we are witnessing a troubling resurgence of proposed bills that would erode democratic freedoms, trivialize minority rights, and re-define Israel in theocratic terms. [2]

We're going to need every partner we have to make sure that these proposals don't undermine Israel's democratic foundations. That's why I'm reaching out to you. Just like in the U.S., the Attorney General is an important guardian of basic rights. An outpouring of thousands of letters from supporters of Israel worldwide can help embolden Attorney General Weinstein to continue to push back.

Speak out. Encourage Mr. Weinstein to be vocal in defending Israel's democracy.

This action is no longer active. To view the current list of our active campaigns click here