Stand up for democracy in Israel


Stand up for democracy in Israel

Bad news! A subcommittee of the Israeli cabinet voted to approve two bills that seek to limit the ability of progressive Israeli groups to raise funds. The bills explicitly target funding for human rights and social justice groups.

But the fight is not over. The cabinet will reconsider its decision as early as this Sunday, and Prime Minister Netanyahu says that he wants to see significant changes made to the bills before they become law.

Limiting the rights of Israel human rights groups is the wrong move for a democracy. Israeli commentators from left to right are condemning the bills. And in a very unusual move, both the attorney general and Israel’s national security advisor weighed in to oppose this legislation.

The ferocity of the criticism suggests that we can stop this latest assault on basic freedoms in Israel.

Lend your voice. Tell Prime Minister Netanyahu that Israel’s democracy matters to you.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister
Jerusalem, Israel