1 million Israelis

On September 3rd, one million Israelis are expected to go out into the streets to stand for the values that we believe in -- social justice, equality, and democracy.

This petition is our chance to give this movement a push. We’re collecting signatures from supporters of Israel worldwide. And we’ll publish it in print 1 day before the scheduled demonstration.

This movement is about making Israel the moral, just society we all want it to be.

We, friends of Israel from across the globe, are inspired by the Israeli public’s demand for social justice.

We share your values. We long for the day that Israel is a place where every Israeli can live with respect and dignity. Your protests demonstrate the depth of Israel’s potential to be a beacon for social justice and democracy throughout its region.

We know that the values of social justice, of equality, and of democracy are inextricably linked. Thank you for standing up and speaking out for a better Israel.
This petition is no longer active.
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Number Date Name Location
3959 Anonymous Los Angeles, CA , US
3958 Joe & Diana K0tzin Los Angeles, CA , US
3957 David Myers Los Angeles, CA , US
3956 Erika Purdy Los Angeles, CA , US
3955 Zelikow Howard Los Angeles, CA , US
3954 Anonymous Pasadena, CA , US
3953 Lisa Greer Beverly Hills, CA , US
3952 Mayer Brenner Los Angeles, CA , US
3951 David Abel Los Angeles, CA , US
3950 Victoria Schwartz Los Angeles, CA , US
3949 Dara Frimmer Los Angeles, CA , US
3948 Rachel Weber & Ephraim Pelcovits Los Angeles, CA , US
3947 Joann Kaplan Santa Moninca', CA , US
3946 Lawrence Title Los Angeles, CA , US
3945 Marc Alongi Los Angeles, CA , US
3944 Helen Katz Los Angeles, CA , US
3943 Suzanne and Wally Marks Los Angeles, CA , US
3942 Diana Kotzin Los Angeles, CA , US
3941 David Rintels MA , US
3940 Roz Klein Beverly Hills, CA , US
3939 David Abel Los Angeles, CA , US
3938 Jan Neuenschwander Upland, CA , US
3937 Sybil Fields Beverly Hills, CA , US
3936 JOE KOTZIN Los Angeles, CA , US
3935 Steve/Steve Hochstadt/Sass Studio City, CA , US
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