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19 December 2013

[ image - Because all Israelis matter. Donate Now. New Israel Fund is the leading organization committed to equality and democracy for all Israelis. - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/05Dec2013/nif_interrupt_r10_tamaralt.jpg]


[image - Rachel Liel and Nelson Mandela in 1994 - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/19Dec2013/rachelmandelaphoto1994-sm.jpg ]

Good-bye, "Madiba"

When I look back, I have no doubt that I joined the New Israel Fund because I was fortunate enough to know Nelson Mandela. So here is how it goes. Read More »


[image - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/19Dec2013/asylumseekersprotest-2013dec19-sm.jpg]

Asylum Seekers March to Jerusalem

African asylum seekers left a detention center to protest a new law that could detain them indefinitely. Read More »


[image - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/19Dec2013/puahconf-19dec2013-sm.jpg]

Major Conference on Gynecology Excludes Women

A conference on women’s health and fertility allowed no women's voices to be heard. Read More »


Proposed Knesset Bill Targets Free Speech Again

[ image - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/19Dec2013/npo-bill-sm.jpg ]

Israel’s government is now considering legislation that would undermine basic democratic principles. Read More »

• We’re mobilizing to keep this from happening and we need your help. The Israel we love cannot survive if it is not a free and democratic society. Take Action »

• "First steps toward silencing dissent in Israel." Daniel Sokatch writes in Haaretz about why stopping this law is so vital. Read More »


[image - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/19Dec2013/danielkahneman-sm.jpg]

Nobel Prize Winner Speaks at NIF Event

Nobel Prize and Presidential Medal of Freedom winner Daniel Kahneman spoke at a high-profile NIF event in Tel Aviv. Read More »


[image - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/19Dec2013/shatil3-sm.jpg]

Talking "KAMAM" - Local, Sustainable Economic Development

A SHATIL project is working to change the face of economic development in Israel and beyond. Read More »


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