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05 December 2013

[ image - Because all Israelis matter. Donate Now. New Israel Fund is the leading organization committed to equality and democracy for all Israelis. - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/05Dec2013/nif_interrupt_r10_tamaralt.jpg]


[image - Daniel Sokatch - http://www.nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/11April2013/message-from-daniel-sokatch-sm.png]

Cry Out Against Injustice

So often, in our work, we hold the beauty and the pain at the same time.  But that's the essence of working to strengthen and defend democracy during difficult times. Read More »


[image - Prime Minister Netanyahu (Wikimedia Commons) - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/05Dec2013/primeministernetanyahu-sm.jpg]

Prime Minister's Bureau Expenses Exposed

A court battle revealed the Netanyahu’s administration’s unprecedented spending of government money on personal expenses. Read More »


[image - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/08Aug2013/mp900408864_sm.jpg]

High Court of Justice Warns State on Incitement

Israel’s High Court is demanding answers from the state on a contentious case involving questions of incitement and religious freedom. Read More »


[image - Heart at East logo - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/05Dec2013/heartateastlogo-sm.jpg]

Campaign Saves Historic Inbal Center

Thanks to a successful grassroots campaign, a center devoted to Mizrachi dance and performance art will remain open. Read More »


[image - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/05Dec2013/img_5268-sm.jpg]

Immersion and empowerment

A new pilot program has the potential to transform Israel's mikvas into safe spaces for women to discuss issues that affect them. Read More »


[image - Samantha Kanofsky - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/05Dec2013/samanthakanofsky-sm.jpg]]

Why I Give

Giving to NIF lets me know that I am supporting individuals and communities in Israel who truly need my help. Read More »


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