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15 November 2013

[image - Carole Zabar - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/15Nov2013/carolezabar-sm.jpg]

We Know, We Know

“We who are active in the American Jewish community know that the conversation has moved on from ‘Israel-right-or-wrong’ to asking a deeper question: How can we help our Israeli cousins build an Israel that is right?” Read More »


[image - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/15Nov2013/1399363_662025390497618_1227402791_o-sm.jpg]

Knesset Raises Minimum Age of Marriage

New legislation moving the marriage age to 18 will give Arab girls better prospects for the future. Read More »


The Israeli State Budget from a Gender Perspective

A new government committee is working to ensure gender equality in the state budget process. Read More »


Profile: Roni Hazon Weiss

Meet Roni Hazon Weiss, a religious feminist activist championing democracy and pluralism. Read More »


Israeli activists gather in strength to fight racism

At a sold-out conference in Jaffa, Israeli activists gathered to discuss, learn, and strategize on efforts to fight racism in Israel. Read More »


[image - Equal Pay for Equal Work, Let's Make it Happen! - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/23May2013/equalpay-sm.jpg]

Promoting Equal Pay for Women in the Workplace

Efforts for equal pay in Israel are working to bridge wage gaps, educate, and amend laws. Read More »


Highlights from Guardians of Democracy

Ethan Bronner of the New York Times, Safa Younes of Bride of the Sea, and Rotem Ilan of Israeli Children spoke about building a better Israel in San Francisco. Watch Now »


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