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08 August 2013

Good Luck, Martin

Last week, the news was dominated by the announcement of the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. And now, once again, the world waits to see if, at last, real progress can be made in resolving the conflict and arriving at a two-state solution. Read More »

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Discrimination Defeated

A Mizrachi man who scored a job interview – only after resubmitting his resume with a false Ashkenazi name – took the company to court. And won. Read More »

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[ image - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/08Aug2013/platformholly.jpg ]

Women Added to Government Commission

The formerly male dominated Sheshinski 2 Committee reconvened this week with a more gender-balanced makeup. The commission will explore Israel's plan for anticipated royalties on natural resources. Read More »

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[ image - Shula Keshet - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/08Aug2013/shulakeshet2_sm.jpg]

To Reach the Glass Ceiling

This activist impacts the lives of countless women, the broader Mizrachi community, and the depth of social justice in Israeli society. Read More »

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[ image - Gila Gamliel and Ilan Gilon- http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/08Aug2013/shatil_img4443.jpg ]

A More Progressive Budget

On a mission to ensure a progressive state budget and social safety net, the Social Budget Forum is pressing in and out of the halls of Knesset. Read More »

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[ image - Upper Nazareth Mayor Shimon Gapso - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/08Aug2013/gapso_sm-credit.jpg ]

Confronting a Racist Election Campaign

Following the unveiling of the mayor of Upper Nazareth’s racist re-election campaign, the NIF network seeks action from Israel’s Attorney General. Read More »

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Women of the Wall: Rosh Hodesh Elul Prayer

[ image - Women of the Wall ]

Watch the video »

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Join NIF at J Street!

Attending the J Street conference? Make sure to join NIF at our panel discussion Dividing to Conquer: Racism, Exclusion and Ultranationalism in Israel.

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