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11 July 2013

Deja Vu

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis are working every day to safeguard and advance Israel's precious, albeit sometimes fragile, democratic character. And we at NIF are their support system. Read More »

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[image - Rabbi Eliyahu - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/11July2013/shmueleliyahu2-sm.jpg]

Rejecting Religious Racism

NIF grantees, including those representing key Orthodox constituents, are drawing attention to the racist and exclusionary vies of some of the candidates for Chief Rabbi. Read More »

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[image - Beit Safafa, Wikimedia Commons - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/11July2013/beitsafafa-sm.jpg ]

Optimism in Beit Safafa

A High Court ruling on a contentious proposed highway gives hope to an East Jerusalem neighborhood. Read More »

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[image - Hanna Barag - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/11July2013/mw9-sm.jpg]

Feature: The Women of Machsom Watch

One woman in her seventies is taking on the occupation, one checkpoint at a time. Read More »

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[image - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/11July2013/img4250-sm.jpg]

SHATIL: Fighting Poverty

SHATIL is working to address rising poverty in Israel through encounters between MKs and Israelis. Read More »

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Women of the Wall activists denied access to Kotel

[image - Women of the Wall - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/11July2013/wowvideo.jpg]

Click to watch the video »

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[image - SHATIL-Porter Environmental Fellow Lev Rosenstein - http://nif.org/images/stories/NIF_News_Photos/11July2013/levporterfellows-sm.jpg]

Students Impact Environment

Meet the SHATIL-Porter Fellows working to make environmental justice a reality in Israel. Read More »

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