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06 June 2013

Sunshine and Fog

Social change means two steps forward and one step back, not losing hope, taking the small victories and building on them. Read More »

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Israel to Fund Non-Orthodox Rabbis

A recent decision allowing Reform and Conservative community rabbis in Israel marks a major achievement in the struggle for religious pluralism. Read More »

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Israel to look poverty in the face

A newly formed governmental committee will confront rising poverty rates in Israel. Read More »

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NIF at NYC Israel Day Parade

NIF took part in the 2013 Israel Day parade. See Photos »

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Leaving the Fold

One formerly Orthodox man is working to help others build community and bridges to a non-Haredi world. Read More »

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Harish to be Open for All

A change in leadership could be a step towards pluralism. Read More »

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Israeli and English Soccer Players to Fight Racism

Early next week, NIF’s Kick Racism and Violence out of Soccer project is holding a special event featuring players from the Israeli and English Under-21 teams. Read More »

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