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17 January 2013

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NIF is proud to recommend several sources of additional information and commentary on Israel's most significant issues:

Don Futterman of the Moriah Fund contributes to the Promised Podcast, a bi-weekly look beyond the headlines for listeners seeking an insider's grasp of the day-to-day in Israel. The Promised Podcast is a project of Israeli think-tank and NIF grantee Shaharit. Download iTunes, RSS, or iCAST.

+972 is an English-language blog-based 'zine and an NIF grantee that features provocative, engaging articles by some of Israel's bravest young writers.

Molad is a new Israeli think tank, supported by NIF, devoted to the development and promotion of a progressive vision for the state of Israel. Their new English-language website features a fascinating report on the success of Israeli hasbara (PR) - and the failure of its policies.

Decision Points

Next week, Israelis will go the polls to vote for the 19th Knesset. There is a great deal at stake in these elections, even more than usual. Read More »

Fighting Racism During Elections

NIF grantees are pushing Knesset candidates to refrain from incitement to racism, discrimination, violence, and hatred as the election campaign draws to a close. Read More »

Court Expands Rights of Sexual Assault Victims

In a precedent-setting case, the Tel Aviv Magistrates' Court has struck down the statute of limitations in certain sexual assault suits. Read More »

Slice of Israel on the American Front

While we await Israel’s elections next week, those of us who work for a more democratic Israel on this side of the ocean have other challenges. Read More »

Pressing for a Socially Just Budget

A new survey reveals that 87% of Israelis oppose cuts in the state's health, welfare, and education budgets. Read More »

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