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7 June 2012

Ethnocrats and Democrats

In Israel today, the fight is between people pursuing an increasingly exclusive – or ethnocratic - vision of what the country should be, and those seeking to secure a democratic vision... Read More »

Protesting Incitement and Attacks Against African Refugees

Racist incitement and attacks against Israel's 50,000 refugees escalates. Read More »

Breakthrough: Israel to Fund Non-Orthodox Rabbis

The Israeli government has for the first time agreed to finance the salaries of some Reform and Conservative rabbis. Read More »

Arab and Jewish Neighbors Say No to Racism

A special event brought together Arab and Jewish youth from the neighboring cities of Tayibe and Petach Tikvah. Read More »

10 Years of the Everett Social Justice Fellowship

This month we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Everett Fellows for Social Justice Program. Read More »

NIF Marches in New York’s Celebrate Israel Parade

As part of a progressive cluster of organizations, NIF took part in New York’s Celebrate Israel parade this past Sunday. See Photos »

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