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1 March 2012

Inclusive and Orthodox

Something interesting is happening to the way that Israelis think about religion. Read More »

Beinisch’s Legacy: Owning a Car No Longer Disqualifies Israelis for Unemployment

Israel’s High Court of Justice handed down a major victory this week for the country’s poorest residents. Read More »

Interior Ministry Grants Residency Rights to Hundreds of Children

Israel's Interior Ministry granted residency rights to 257 children of foreign workers who were born and raised in Israel. Read More »

Israel's Young Activists: Empowering the Disabled

Abbass Abbass, 35, from Nazareth is the head of the Al Manarah Association for the advancement of Arab Israelis with disabilities. Read More »

Knesset Conference Elevates Working Women

This week SHATIL hosted a Knesset conference to advance equitable and fair employment for women. Read More »

Fighting Food Insecurity and Poverty

At the Knesset, SHATIL proposes leveraging hot meal programs to support cooperative women's kitchens. Read More »

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